New Sydney permanent courses open

Last Updated: Thursday, 03 June 2021 16:25

We are delighted to announce that new permanent courses are now open on Cockatoo Island and at West Pymble.

Both courses are available on the free MapRun6 app, and can also be done retro-style by writing the letter codes in the boxes on the information sheet for each.

We have only run once on heritage-listed Cockatoo Island - at the Xmas 5-Days in 2014 - so this will be a new experience for many. Please note that if you navigate in an undercover area (the sheds or tunnels) you will need to allow 10-15 seconds for the app to 'catch up' to you.

(The Term 2 Sydney SOS finale will be on Cockatoo Island on June 19, using SportIdent.)

Bicentennial Park at West Pymble (pictured) has been used for more than a decade for orienteering training, Space Racing, Sprints, the SOS, orienteering birthday parties and more. It's bathed in greenery.

All the information for these locations can be found on our permanent course web page. Each offers a score course plus three line courses.

We thank the landowners - the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust and Kuring-gai Council - for their co-operation on these projects.