Vale Neville Fathers

Last Updated: Monday, 07 June 2021 14:52

NSW, SHOO and the general Orienteering community have lost a long term contributor and participant in our sport.

Neville started orienteering in 1988 and has orienteered in all states except the Territory. He started as a member of Scrubrunners Club then, on its folding, joined Southern Highlands due to his interest in schools orienteering.

He has been a coach, setter, vetter, mapper, coach driver (for the NSW Schools team) and always been part of club events. Neville was always available at SHOO club events to help newcomers learn the basics of orienteering and was in his element at the Sydney South West schools events where he would revive his former skills as a school principal.

He ran the ONSW email news bulletin for many years before handing over to people with more refined computer skills. Due to his interest in the sport’s development he became an ONSW Board member representing the association at a number of development conferences. He was also part of the organising team for JWOC 2007 in Dubbo.

Neville didn’t often make the podium but his favourite story was when he came third in M65A at 2001 QB111, laughing ‘that makes me the third fastest man in Australia’. And then winning NSW Sprint Champs in 2015 where everyone but him and Frank Assenza fell over.

He just loved being in the bush with a map in his hand. And engaging in philosophical conversations while sitting around an assembly area.

Vale Neville Fathers


Gentleman and scholar.