Sandra Stewart ONSW Child Safety Officer

Last Updated: Friday, 08 October 2021 20:07

Sandra Stewart (SHOO) has accepted the important new ONSW position of Child Safety Officer.

Sandra has a lot of experience in this area, after 40 years in teaching, and has assisted Development Officer Lyn Malmgron with aspects of child safety for her schools competitions.

"All sports need to have a child-safe environment where children are involved," said Sandra.

"All clubs need to protect children and young people and I would like to be involved in helping orienteering have those strategies to be able to do so."

The role involves putting child safety on the agenda, most importantly having knowledge of the 10 Child Safe Standards, and requirements and laws.

Sandra will advise ONSW on how best to comply and implement this, be the point of contact for club members for matters regarding Child Safety.

This will require commitment from all parties, and Sandra will advise the ONSW Board of any issues and ideas around the new Child Safety Guidelines and their implementation.

Her first orienteering event was while attending College in Wagga in 1977 on a black and white map of Willans Hill after a friend suggested trying something a little more challenging than just going running.

She joined Waggaroos and was a member from 1978-86. After catching up with Paul & Sue Davis in the Southern Highlands, she became a member of the fledgling SHOO club.

Sandra has been on the committee and set courses for the club since then, and since the early 1990s has been involved in the Sydney South West Regional Schools championships.