Newcastle wrap up winter season

Last Updated: Monday, 06 December 2021 15:11

Newcastle presented their Orienteer of the Year awards following Sunday's final bush event on a new map at Kitchener.

The cool La Nina system allowed Newcastle to put on two bush events after lockdown ended, meaning they finished with the usual full complement of seven events.

Congratulations to overall series winners Jenny Enderby and Stephen Craig (pictured). 

A big thank you to all the setters, controllers, organisers, results people and the many other helpers who make this club one of the biggest and best in Australia.

We look forward to Newcastle hosting us for a State League in March 2022.

Congratulations also to these category winners:
Very Easy: Baxter Peel
Easy: Karen Morante
Moderate Short: Lucy Most
Moderate Long: Graeme Taplin
Hard Short: Carolyn Matthews
Hard Medium: Erika Enderby
Hard Long: Stephen Craig