Gill, Melissa win ultra marathons

Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 April 2022 14:33

Two of our incredible members - Gill Fowler and Melissa Robertson - have excelled in gruelling endurance races at the weekend.

Gill (Big Foot, pictured) won the women's 40-49 age class at the inaugural kunanyi Mountain Run in Hobart and was sixth fastest woman overall.

The 68km course was limited to 200 pre-qualifying participants and included a phenomenal 4km of climb, and Gill got home in 10h12m.

Over in South Australia, Melissa (Central Coast) won the Irrational South 200 miler (320km) and set a new female race record of 62h3m.

That's seven and a half marathons! Unsurprisingly, there were only 40 entrants.

Congratulations to both women!