Welcome to new GM and Board members

Last Updated: Wednesday, 04 May 2022 16:11

ONSW is delighted to announce the appointment of Katherine Crawford as general manager.

Katherine has worked as an abseiling guide and is a regular rogainer and trail runner.

Although her career has mainly revolved around the pharmaceutical and medical industries, she has developed a suite of many transferable practices and ideas and is excited to be able to bring that to ONSW.

You can read more about Katherine here. She started with ONSW on April 27.

At the ONSW AGM on Monday, we welcomed onto the Board Rob Bennett (Goldseekers), Angus Shedden (SHOO) and Sheralee Bailey (Bennelong Northside).

Sheralee, a former president of Bennelong, steps into the new role of vice-president.

We thank retiring Board members Robert Spry, Andrew Power and Mary Jane Mahony for their service.