Coming Events

Wed 5 Oct 4:30 pm
2022/23 Sydney Summer Series #1 Pyrmont
Pyrmont, Pirrama Park Kiosk

Sat 8 Oct 2:00 pm
Wollongong - Cordeaux Heights
Cordeaux Heights 1:7,500, Sheargold Park (Derribong Drive) Cordeaux Heights

Sun 9 Oct 9:30 am
MetrO League Final
Galston Recreation Reserve, 412 Galston Road, Galston.

Sun 9 Oct 10:00 am
Goldseekers 2022 Bush #8 - TBC

Wed 12 Oct 4:30 pm
2022/23 Sydney Summer Series #2 Wentworth Park
Wentworth Park, Glebe (outside grandstand).

Wed 12 Oct 5:00 pm
2022/2023 Newcastle Summer Series Warmup - Cardiff South
Cardiff South.
Sat 15 Oct 9:30 am
SOS Term 4 #1

Sun 16 Oct 11:00 am
Hastings Port Macquarie Orienteering - Lake Cathie
Jonathon Dickson Reserve, Lake Cathie.

Wed 19 Oct 4:30 pm
2022/23 Sydney Summer Series #3 Bantry Bay
Burnt Bridge, Bantry Bay Reserve

Wed 19 Oct 5:00 pm
2022/2023 Newcastle Summer Series #1 - Macquarie Hills
Macquarie Hills.

Welcome to Orienteering NSW

Orienteering is a sport that challenges both the body and the mind. It's also loads of fun!

The aim is to use a special orienteering map to navigate your way around a course and visit marked check points along the way. You choose a course that suits your age and experience and proceed at your own pace: walk, jog or run. It is a race but you decide if you want to just race yourself or be the next world champion! The course may take you through urban areas, parks, schools, farmland or forests.

Events are conducted weekly across NSW and beginners are welcome at all events.

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Want to enter an event? You can see what's on by looking at the Coming Events at left or by going to the Event Calendar. Some events are enter on the day - you just turn up and register at the start. Other events require pre-entry and for that you need to know about (and register with) Eventor - read the Eventor FAQ.

The best thing I have ever done!

Crowds at Sydney West Regional Champs'The best thing I have ever done' was the verdict of a Glenmore Park boy after his day orienteering in the Sydney West Regional Schools Championship last Wednesday 23 May.

Seven schools, 4 primary and 3 secondary, turned up at Fred Caterson, Reserve Castle Hill to test their skills on Ted Mulherin's clever courses. It was a beautiful day and the venue provided bush tracks, rockfaces, playing ovals, and even a termite mound or two.

The morning started with a map walk led by 7 ONSW volunteer coaches.  This is an excellent way to introduce the electronic timing as well as the map.  Some of these runners are very confident now as they have taken part in the event for the last 3 years. Then came the age races - children going in all directions after a 1min sneak preview of the map.  The pressure was on in all 10 divisions.

Our 2 ONSW 'walking wounded', Chris Crane and Gordon Wilson, churned the finishers through while Jai Di Tommaso kept the results flowing onto the results board.

Kurrajong PS achieved 10 podium places mainly in the younger divisions, with Kellyville Ridge PS and Kingswood Primary PS gaining places in the older primary divisions.

Kingswood HS took most of the secondary places with Glenmore Park HS claiming all positions in the Boys 16 and over.  Pendle Hill High School claimed an easy win in the Boys 12-13 division.

Relay changeoverAfter the individual races came the Relays and lots of excitement.  Most runners were visible most of the time and the 'encouragement' given by waiting runners was deafening. The girls team from Samuel Terry PS showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of the runners and were such excited winners that they were leaping around the arena.  The combined teams of Pendle Hill HS and Glenmore Park pushed each other to their limits with the teams positions changing with each runner.

Champion Primary school Kurrajong PS
Champion High School Kingswood HS

Thanks to Lyn Malmgron for this report, and Neville Fathers for the photographs


Careful planning at Newcastle Club event

Freeway underpass map

For the Newcastle Club event this weekend at The Underpass, planner Peter Newton had a number of problems to solve.  The area between Killingworth and the F3 Freeway is heavily used by motorbikes and 4 wheel drives which made Very Easy and Easy course setting a worry. Faded flags were used to draw less attention from passersby and the flags were stood up late in the afternoon to minimise the time they were in situ.  Control stands were secreted behind bushes or off the track, again to reduce the chance of interference from non-competitors which added a bit more spice to courses for the orienteers. Very Easy were set challenges to cross an open area to the base of an electricity tower which they could see.  Easy runners were given route choice options enticing them to be brave and leave the comfort of the track, so cut across rather than run the long way around tracks. Since this event was a minor/training event these options were highlighted on a notice board map for course entrants to study. 

With all that planning and care the only small problem for the day was courtesy of OCAD ‘all controls’ feature. Course descriptions were all correct but using a master map of all controls to place the stands meant that with the 2 last controls in close proximity, OCAD positioned the control numbers on the map in a fashion which saw the setter reverse the controls. More experienced OCAD users are aware of this trap so shrink the circles and numbers to ensure they are positioned close to the feature and double check number location. A useful tip for all!

And what of the race? One of Newcastle's fittest competitors (recent NOL setter Steve Todkill) ran the Long Hard in just over 41 minutes so Newcastle's newest JWOC representative (Alex Massey)  was set the challenge of beating that time. He did - by 26 seconds. Alex’s time would have been shorter had he not baulked at getting his feet wet at the creek crossing (he was reminded that all he should do is RUN!)

Many thanks to Peter Newton for this report


Chatswood a vision at night

moonlight madnessFive of the 68 entries in Wednesday's Moonlight Madness are clearly very happy in the dark as they sprinted around the course set by NSW Junior Toby Wilson in record times, scoring the full 600 points on offer. The largest field of the season so far, runners were treated to a street map around Chatswood, which took in darkened residential streets as well as the bright lights of the main shopping areas. Summer Series veteran Glen Horrocks managed to hold off Garingal's Matt Hill and Big Foot's Patrik Gunnarson, to take 1st place but there was less than a minute in it. It was a high scoring event with many runners improving their previous scores by significant margins such as new Uringa member Eric Charpentier who improved his score by 110 points, and NOSH organiser Darren Slattery adding 60 points to his previous score.

Average scores for the three events so far have been MM#1 373, MM#2 419 and MM#3 447. Theories will abound as to why there has been such improvement, around prosaic reasons like numbers of hills and placement of controls. Surely however the fact that carrots are in season must be having an impact on night vision.


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