Coming Events

Fri 3 Dec 6:00 pm
Bennelong Northside 50th Anniversary Dinner & Celebration (by invitation) for Past (BOO & NOSH) & Past/Present (BNO) Members - Deadline Extended till 24/11/21 only

Fri 3 Dec 6:00 pm
Orange Botanic Gardens
Botanic Gardens, Hill St.

Sun 5 Dec 8:30 am
NOY 8 - Kitchener

Sun 5 Dec 9:00 am
Central Coast Summer Series 4 - Narara/Niagara Park
Gavenlock Oval, Narara.

Sun 5 Dec 9:30 am
West Sydney Orienteering Series 2021-2022 #1 - Darling Mills
Darling Mills, Grass clearing, 5min walk from NE end of Mill Dr, North Rocks

Sun 5 Dec 9:30 am
2021 WHO Cup & AGM
Darling Mills, Grass clearing, 5min walk from NE end of Mill Dr, Baulkham Hills

Sun 5 Dec 11:00 am
Wayne Richards Park Summer Sprint Series #1
Port Macquarie.

Sun 5 Dec 4:00 pm
River and Bay Series #4
Two Valleys (new). This is a variant of the "The Warren" map which Dave Lotty has recently extended to the east along Cooks River while retaining all the interesting parkland and bush areas of the old map., Gough Whitlam Park, Bayview Avenue, Earlwood -

Wed 8 Dec 4:30 pm
2021/22 Sydney Summer Series #4 Fox Valley
Fox Valley, George Christie Playing Field
Wed 8 Dec 5:00 pm
Newcastle SSS2 - Broadmeadow

Welcome to Orienteering NSW

Orienteering is a sport that challenges both the body and the mind. It's also loads of fun!

The aim is to use a special orienteering map to navigate your way around a course and visit marked check points along the way. You choose a course that suits your age and experience and proceed at your own pace: walk, jog or run. It is a race but you decide if you want to just race yourself or be the next world champion! The course may take you through urban areas, parks, schools, farmland or forests.

Events are conducted weekly across NSW and beginners are welcome at all events.

New to orienteering? Click here for more information.

Want to enter an event? You can see what's on by looking at the Coming Events at left or by going to the Event Calendar. Some events are enter on the day - you just turn up and register at the start. Other events require pre-entry and for that you need to know about (and register with) Eventor - read the Eventor FAQ.

ONSW Board member Briohny Seaman

Meet your Board member.

This is the eighth in a weekly series where we introduce you to the people entrusted to run our sport in NSW.

Board member Briohny Seaman (WaggaRoos Orienteers). Year joined Board: 2020

Briohny Seaman is our Board member with elite orienteering experience.

The youngest member on our Board was in four winning NSW Schools teams and has represented the NSW Stingers on and off for around 20 years.

Unfortunately, injury has plagued most of Briohny’s elite years. In 2009 she had lower leg issues and in 2013 was diagnosed with a rare vascular condition. She decided to wait until she’d had children (Ryder in 2012 and Logan in 2014) and they were older before having major surgery in 2018.

The enjoyment of orienteering and running has definitely returned since then. And she rates going to the World Masters in 2018 as one of her career highlights.

Briohny had never given any thought to being on the Board until approached last year. The opportunity to have input into the way the sport is run at a state level interested her.

And with Waggaroos struggling with membership, Briohny knows it’s important for her and the club to find ways to encourage and keep new members.

She has been on the Waggaroos committee and is now keen to get more involved in getting orienteering into local schools.

Briohny loves course setting and has set at a number of State Leagues, QB3 2017 and Oceania 2019.

Professionally, Briohny has worked for the NSW government for 16 years. Firstly, with Roads and Maritime Services and now with the Environment Protection Authority.

Both roles have given her exposure to various types of stakeholder engagement: with communities, local councils and other state organisations.

Her family started orienteering in 1988 (when Briohny was 6), after her parents Alex and Debbie Davey took the family to a Waggaroos “Come and Try It” event at Pomingalarna.

Briohny then grew up orienteering with a big group of local families: the Joneses, Dickinsons, McGarvas, Johansens and Mackens.

It’s this strong sense of family and community you’ll find throughout orienteering.


Xmas 5-day entries are open

Xmas 5-Days entries are now open, and will close on December 14.

This year's carnival is in the Southern Highlands, and there will be no enter-on-day - so don't miss out!

Events will be run in accordance with the NSW Health requirements at the time.

We have a bush sprint, 3 bush events and an urban sprint.

(1) If you are intending to run the same class for all 5 days, please enter here via Eventor.
(2) If you are entering individual days or wish to enter different classes on different days, use the daily entry event for each of the days.


50 years since first orienteering event in NSW

Sunday (November 14) marked 50 years since the first orienteering event in NSW.

Eleven hardy competitors (seven of them from New Zealand) made the trek to Mount Hay in the Blue Mountains for an outing that even today would test Bear Grylls' thirst for adventure.

The inaugural event was a 6.6km line course with 330m of climb, on a black-and-white government map with little more than contours and a couple of roads and tracks. The scale was 1:31,680, with 15m contours. Ouch!

ONSW life member Dave Lotty (pictured, right) is one of the originals and was in action again today at the River and Bay Series event at Earlwood, on an urban map the polar opposite of what he was confronted with five decades ago.

Mount Hay led to the formation of our first club, Bennelong, in December 1971 and what is now called Orienteering NSW in 1972. You can read the story of how the very first event came about here - with the map in full.

A massive thank you to Dave for the enthralling history lesson!


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