Event Organisers

Event Organiser Guidance

Please note: this page and the Guides for Organisers are, in part, out of date. Please contact Andrew Lumsden (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you would like to help improve it.

Key information on the ONSW website

The ONSW Event Rules apply to all events.

The Event Organiser Documents page has links to many key documents.

The following resources will be relevant to some event organisers – it will depend on the organiser’s experience and the nature of the event.

Guides for organisers

These guides are aimed at relatively inexperienced event organisers and are intended to provide an adaptable framework for event organisation rather than a set of rules which must be followed.

The Guide to Organising Minor Events is applicable to Summer Series, Local Street and Park Events, club and MetrO League events, and other events for which pre-entry is not required.

The Guide to Organising Major Events is applicable to NSW State League events and other major events.

A number of clubs have also developed their own guides.  Please check with your club or its website for club specific documents and arrangements.

Before the Event

You or another club member must set up your event in Eventor. To do this, you need your club to give you Event Organiser Administrator status. Orienteering Australia has published guidance on Eventor. Setting up an event is relatively straight forward, but many people will need some guidance from a club member with experience in Eventor.

You might also need to set up information on your club’s website.

Please make sure the information on the event is both informative and enticing to newcomers & to existing orienteers. Good publicity attracts more participants!

After the Event

All events:

Some events have additional result information that many orienteers or series co-ordinators are interested in.

As an example, it is good to do the following after a State League event:

If your club doesn’t have anyone who loads Attackpoint or Routegadget, before your event ask the ONSW Mapping Officer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for help.