Coming Events

Wed 17 Aug 9:30 am
Sydney West Primary Orienteering Championships

Wed 17 Aug 5:30 pm
Moonlight Madness #4
1st Lindfield Scout Hall, Seven Little Australians Park, Slade Avenue, Lindfield.

Sat 20 Aug 9:30 am
SOS - Bobbin Head
Bobbin Head

Sat 20 Aug 11:30 am
ACT Middle Distance Championships: ACT League #10, NSW SL #12, Pine Island

Sun 21 Aug 10:00 am
Goldseekers 2022 Bush #6 - Oaky Creek South
Oaky Creek South, Mullion State Forest.

Sun 21 Aug 10:00 am
ACT Long Distance Championships: ACT League #11, NSW SL #13, Tidbinbilla

Sat 27 Aug 9:30 am
SOS - Lane Cove National Park
Lane Cove National Park – Jenkins Hill Picnic Area (this is by the weir, Cafe and Playground. It is best accessed from the Lady Game Drive, Lindfield)

Sat 27 Aug 10:00 am
NSW Stingers Training Camp

Sun 28 Aug 9:30 am
Newcastle Bush 2022 OY #7
Sugarloaf North.

Sun 28 Aug 9:30 am
MetrO League 2022 #4 - Wianamatta
Roads to Nowhere. Scale 1:7,500 with 2m contours., Wianamatta Regional Park.

Welcome to Orienteering NSW

Orienteering is a sport that challenges both the body and the mind. It's also loads of fun!

The aim is to use a special orienteering map to navigate your way around a course and visit marked check points along the way. You choose a course that suits your age and experience and proceed at your own pace: walk, jog or run. It is a race but you decide if you want to just race yourself or be the next world champion! The course may take you through urban areas, parks, schools, farmland or forests.

Events are conducted weekly across NSW and beginners are welcome at all events.

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Belanglo House Work Bee

With the moving of the ACT championships to 5/6 May the weekend of 28/29 April became available for a necessary work weekend at The Hut.  As many of those interested are retired we were also able to add 26/27 April and get in the best part of 4 days of work.

The contingent of Chris Murphy (Hut Manager), Peter Howe, Dave Lotty, Ron Junghans, Ken Jacobson, Barry Pearce, Robert Spry and Kevin Curby totally refilled the woodshed with cut hardwood collected in the wilds of the forest.  As well as this the lawns were mown, the gutters cleared, the entry road made trailer-friendly, the accommodation building tidied up and some roadbase obtained to fill in part of the access track.


You will note the average age of the workers being well over 65!  Where were the younger Association members who also enjoy the benefits of The Hut?  All the workers present, as FOTHs (Friends Of The Hut), receive free accommodation at The Hut for the next year.


Major works to be completed in the near future include
. renewing the curtains in the lounge building (Uringa's Margaret Wilmott is on the job)
. replacement of the stove and some other minor electrical repairs
We are also looking at upgrading the showers, installing some more water storage tanks, and painting the lounge building inside and out.  Watch out for the next opportunity to become a FOTH!