Permanent courses

Public courses

Permanent courses offer the opportunity to enjoy orienteering at your convenience.

You can just turn up and have a go at a time that suits you. You can choose to run hard or just enjoy a leisurely walk, try an easier course or have a go at something more challenging.

All courses offer something suitable for beginners; most also offer more challenging options for experienced orienteers.

To get active on a permanent course, you will need a pre-marked map and instructions for the course.

INSTRUCTIONS - go to the information section in the table below to view and print the instructions for the venue you are visiting. Please ensure you read the safety information contained in the briefing notes.

MAPS - (1) to download and print your own map, click here.

(2) Our newer courses are also accessible via the free smartphone app MapRun. Follow the instructions on the MapRun website to install it on your phone, open the app, then:
* Select 'EVENT LIST' - then click on the folder 'NSW'
* Choose your location and course
* Select 'GO TO START' - this brings up the map in a tiny area. Use your fingers to zoom in to find the pink start triangle. Hit 'Start the GPS' and walk to the start - your phone should beep and vibrate, and the timer will start.
* Each control is located at the + symbol in the middle of each pink circle. The app should beep and buzz when you are within 0-10m of the control; it will keep track of and display how many you have been to.
* When you reach the finish (shown by the double circle), the timer stops and your split and GPS route are uploaded to the server. You can see the results here - just click on the tab you wish to see.

COURSES - (1) a LINE course means you must visit the controls in order; (2) a SCORE course means you may visit them in any order. You have 60 minutes to complete each course - this should be more than enough. Each control circle will turn green on your phone screen to signal it has been visited. The ones still in pink are yet to be visited.

ISSUES - please contact the office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 02 8736 1252) if you (1) notice any damaged or missing markers, (2) have difficulty with the app or a course, (3) know of an area that would be suitable for a permanent course or would like to work with Orienteering NSW to establish a course, (4) wish to report any safety or risk management issue on a course.

Course Location Information Details
Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island 3 line courses and 1 score course. Also on MapRun. here
West Pymble Bicentennial Park 3 line courses and 1 score course. Also on MapRun. Maintained by Big Foot Orienteers. here
Centennial Park Grassy area north of the Bird Sanctuary

3 line courses and 1 score course. Also on MapRun.

Maintained by Uringa Orienteers.

Randwick Sustainability Hub Munda Street. Randwick Environment Park

2 line courses - Mini (400m) and Easy (1.4km) and wheelchair accessible. Also on MapRun.

Maintained by Uringa Orienteers.

Sydney Olympic Park Bike Hire Shop, Bicentennial Park 8 line courses (2 of them are wheelchair-accessible) and 2 score courses. Also on MapRun. here
Curl Curl Lagoon Weldon Oval and Netball Centre, John Fisher Park

6 line courses and 4 score courses. Also on MapRun.

Maintained by Garingal Orienteers.

Headland Park Suakin Drive, Georges Heights

4 line courses and 1 score course. Please ensure you read the safety information contained in the briefing notes. Also on MapRun

Maintained by Bennelong Orienteers.

Fox Valley Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga 3 line courses, a score course and a scatter course (get any 20 controls). Only on MapRun. here
Chatswood West Mindarie Park, Lane Cove West

3 line courses, a score course and a scatter course (get any 20 controls). Only on MapRun.


Seaforth Balgowlah Oval or Seaforth shops

3 line courses and a score course - with two different start locations. Only on MapRun.

Gordon outside Gordon golf course 3 line courses and a score course. Only on MapRun. here
Hughes Park Waterview Drive, Lane Cove

Braille meets orienteering. A trail in a small park, ideal for younger children.


Kiama Coronation Park, Manning St

A 3.3km line course around the famous blowhole and headland. Only on MapRun.


Brickworks Park

Iranda Grove, Wallsend

3 line courses and a scatter course. Pick up a map at Wallsend Library or use MapRun.

Blue Gum Hills Minmi Road, Minmi (Newcastle)

10 controls in a popular park. Ideal for families and younger kids.


Hunter Wetlands 1 Wetlands Place, Shortland (Newcastle) Small entry fee. Orienteering is just one of several activities available. The map and flyer are available as a printout at the Wetlands Centre. Map getting updated!   
Dumaresq Dam Dumaresq Dam Road, Armidale Under review.  

Interstate permanent courses

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Private courses in NSW

In addition to the public courses, a number of Department of Communities, Sport and Recreation, Scouts, conference and other centres also offer orienteering using permanent courses as an activity. As these courses are not managed by Orienteering NSW or affiliated clubs, we cannot warrant how well these courses are managed or maintained. Known courses are however included below for information. Please note that these courses are on private land and permission MUST be obtained from the landholder before attempting a course.

Course Location Information
Bilarong Reserve Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen This a Q & A course with a bit of photo O. Please contact the Coastal Environment Centre for more info.
Cataract Activity Centre Cataract

Collaroy Centre


Ingleside Scout Camp Ingleside

Mowbray Park Farmstay Picton

Wambangalang EEC near Dubbo

YMCA Yarramundi Yarramundi

Sport & Rec Centres Location Website
Berry Shoalhaven

Borambola Near Wagga Wagga

Broken Bay Hawkesbury River

Jindabyne Jindabyne

Lake Ainsworth Lennox Head

Lake Keepit Near Tamworth
Lake Burrendong Near Wellington
Milson Island Hawkesbury River
Point Wolstoncroft Lake Macquarie

Sydney Academy Narrabeen