Coming Events

Sun 23 Jan 9:00 am
Waggaroos MapRun Series #4 Lake Albert
Lake Albert (Rawling's Park). This is a MapRun event. Entry is free.

Wed 26 Jan 4:30 pm
2021/22 Sydney Summer Series #11 St Ives & 31st Anniversary Line Course
St Ives Bungaroo, Bryce Reserve, Bryce Avenue, St Ives
Wed 26 Jan 5:00 pm
Newcastle SSS9 - Blackbutt
Regent Park, Evescourt Rd, New Lambton.

Sat 29 Jan 9:00 am
SHOO's Summer Saturday #3 Narellan Vale
Narellan Vale 1:7500 (new map), Liquidamber Reserve, Liquidamber Drive, Narellan Vale.

Sun 30 Jan 9:00 am
Central Coast Summer Series 9 - North Entrance
Entrance North Boat Ramp and Fish Co-Op, off Central Coast Highway, North Entrance.

Sun 30 Jan 9:30 am
West Sydney Orienteering Series 2021-2022 #6 - North Epping
Ron Payne Park, Woods St North Epping.

Sun 30 Jan 10:00 am
Gwynneville - #1 Illawarra Map Running Series
Beaton Park (off Foley Street).

Wed 2 Feb 4:30 pm
2021/22 Sydney Summer Series #12 Rhodes
Exile Bay., Rhodes Park, Killoola St (do NOT go to Rhodes Foreshore Park).
Wed 2 Feb 5:00 pm
Armidale Summer Series 21/22
Wed 2 Feb 5:00 pm
Newcastle SSS10 - Raymond Terrace
Raymond Terrace

Juniors Information


Orienteering is an outdoor adventure sport suitable for all ages. A range of courses are usually on offer, making orienteering a sport where the whole family can participate in a physical activity at the same time and place.

Orienteers are classed as Juniors until December 31 of the year during which they turn 20.

There are courses suitable for juniors at almost all NSW orienteering events. Eventor contains the full NSW & ACT event calendar.

Training opportunities for juniors are available within each club, at coaching/training days and through the NSW Junior Squad.

NSW Junior Awards

The NSW Junior Awards are awarded annually for regular participation in orienteering events, for children aged 15 and under. Points are awarded on the following basis:

  • ALL JUNIORS - Participation in a major event (State League, Easter, Australian Champs) = 10 points
  • REGIONAL CLUB JUNIORS - Participation in a club or minor event (eg Summer Series, Metro League) = 10 points
  • SYDNEY CLUB JUNIORS - Participation in a club or minor event (eg Summer Series, Metro League) = 5 points

The awards given are:

  • Waratah Award - 100 points
  • Banksia Award - 75 points
  • Wattle Award - 50 points

Junior Diaries - Juniors can keep track of their participation in 2021 by compiling a spreadsheet diary. Please ask your club to email you one, or contact Wendy McConaghy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Local Events

Get in touch with your local club. They will help you get started.

Most regions also conduct school championships or gala days - no prior experience or qualification is needed.

In the Sydney metropolitan area there is the Saturday Orienteering Series running for 6 weeks in each school term. This is a great introduction to the sport in safe areas.

NSW State League and NSW Schools Championship

The NSW State League competition includes Junior age classes ranging from under 10s through to under 20s. There are normally 10-13 State League events held each year where individuals from across the State compete against each other. One of these SL weekends is usually designated as the NSW Schools Championships each year.

Junior age classes at NSW State League Events include:

Class Description Course Standard
M/W-10N Novice class for both boys and girls aged 10 and under. Non- competitive. Parents may 'shadow' the competitor and/or provide assistance. Very Easy
M-10A, W-10A Boys and girls aged 10 and under. Very Easy
M-12A, W-12A Ages 12 and under. Easy
M-14A, W-14A Ages 14 and under. Moderate
M-16A, W-16A Ages 16 and under. Hard
M-20A, W-20A Ages 20 and under. Hard

All age classes are based on ages at the end of the current calendar year. Open B (Moderate standard) and Open C (Easy standard) classes are also available and may be suitable for newcomers in the older junior age groups who want to improve their navigation before moving up to an A course.

The NSW Championships and Australian Championships also include a range of Junior age classes.

Junior Representative Program

There is a junior representative program which includes:

Australian Schools Championships
A NSW Schools Team is selected annually to represent NSW at the Australian Schools Orienteering Championships. For further details, see the Schools Team page.

National Orienteering League
The National Orienteering League (NOL) is Australia's premier orienteering competition, normally consisting of 14-18 events throughout the year. Selected junior orienteers may compete for NSW in the Junior Division of the National Orienteering League. Points are awarded at each event in the Junior Men's and Junior Women's individual and state-based teams competitions.

Australia - New Zealand Challenge
The Australia-New Zealand Challenge is a competition between Australian and New Zealand national teams, held at the Oceania Championships in age groups ranging from Juniors to Masters. Junior age classes include M/W-16, M/W-18 and M/W-20.

Junior World Orienteering Championships
The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) are held each year. Selection in the Australian JWOC team is highly competitive and has in recent years been primarily based on the results of nominated Junior NOL races. The 2007 Junior World Orienteering Championships were held in Dubbo.

Training Squads

NSW Junior Squad
Promising junior orienteers aged 12-19 are invited to join the squad, to assist them in improving their competitive ability, training habits and sportsmanship. There are training camps, regular Squad newsletters with advice on training and competition and other opportunities for group or individual coaching.

National Junior Squad
The National Junior Squad is selected in October each year based on performances in Major events over the previous 12 months, and consists of approximately 16 junior orienteers who intend to compete in M/W17-20E in NOL races and Championship events during the following year. The National Junior Development Squad consists of approximately a further 10 junior orienteers who are to compete in M/W-16A, or the first year of M/W17-20E in the following year.


Feb 1 - Purple Pen

Feb 26 - Sprint Workshop 

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