Coming Events

Sat 1 Jun 9:30 am
SOS Northside - Frenchs Forest
meet at Frenchs Forest Girl Guide Hall, Grattan Crescent, Frenchs Forest

Sat 1 Jun 9:30 am
SOS Hawkesbury - Richmond
UWS Richmond, Science Rd (accessed from Campus Drive), Richmond
Sun 2 Jun 9:00 am
Waggaroos Local event, Rocky Hill plus LTO training session.

Sun 2 Jun 9:30 am
The 49th Great NOSH Footrace

Sun 2 Jun 9:30 am
NOY4 - O'Donnelltown Rock - East (West Wallsend)
O'Donnelltown Rock - East. Scale 1:10000 for all courses. 5m contours., O'Donnelltown Rd, West Wallsend GPS: 32°54'14.8"S 151°34'00.1"E.

Sat 8 Jun 12:00 pm
2024 KB3 3-Days (NSW State Leagues) - Rylstone Area

Wed 12 Jun 5:30 pm
Moonlight Madness - VIVID (Waverton & Wollstonecraft)
Berry Creek., Brennan Park, Waverton

Sat 15 Jun 9:30 am
SOS Northside - Belrose
access from the western end of Wyatt Ave, Belrose

Sat 15 Jun 9:30 am
SOS Hawkesbury - Ropes Crossing
Wianamatta Regional Park (access from Mainwaring St, Ropes Crossing)

Sun 16 Jun 9:00 am
Waggaroos Local event, CSU plus LTO training session.

NSW All Schools Team

Generously supported by
the Carbine Club of NSW
Carbine Club NSW

The NSW Schools Team, known as "The Carbines", is selected annually to represent NSW at the Australian All Schools Orienteering Championships. The Championships are conducted mid-week during the Australian Orienteering Championships Carnival which is held in late September and early October each year. The Championships rotate around the Australian states.

2024 is being held in Armidale, NSW see website for more details. 2024 Team

Junior Boys - Alton Freeman (BF), Rory Shedden (SHOO), Euan Shedden (SHOO), Shay Sweeney (WHO), Baxter Peel (NC) and Matthew Slater (GS).

Junior Girls - Jessica Dun (HOG), Justine de Remy de Courcelles (WHO) and Tiffany Palmer (WHO).

Senior Boys - Nick Stanley (GO), Alex Woolford (BnB), Jamie Woolford (BnB), Jonathan Nolan (UR) and Cooper Horley (GO)

Senior Girls - Matilda Saunders (WHO), Savanna Sweeney (WHO), Stephanie Dun (HOG), Rebecca Craig (NC), Erika Enderby (NC) and Maggie Mackay (UR).

Callum Waland* (Team Reserve - BF) / Senior Boys

Callum Waland has been selected as Team Reserve. This means if there is a vacancy for some reason in any age/gender category of the team then Callum will become part of the official team.

We would like to encourage those who were not selected to participate in the Australian Schools Orienteering Championships as an Independent Athlete within the Independent Athlete Development Group. Athletes in the IADG will all stay together as a group and have the opportunity to do the same courses at this year's Australian Schools Orienteering Championships as those who are selected in their state's teams. 

See Bulletin One here 


2023 Team which won the Australian Schools Championships for the 2nd year in a row:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(Western Hills) is the manager and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Western Hills) is the coach.

JUNIOR BOYS - Lachlan Coady (WHO), Alton Freeman (Big Foot), Luyi He (Knox), Rory Shedden (SHOO), Matthew Slater (Goldseekers) and Shay Sweeney (WHO) 

JUNIOR GIRLS - Jessica Dun (Hastings), Matilda Saunders (WHO) and Savanna Sweeney (WHO)

SENIOR BOYS - Cooper Horley (GO), Jonathan Nolan (Uringa), Nick Stanley (GO), Alex Woolford (BnB), Jamie Woolford (BnB) and Callum Waland (Big Foot / Knox)

SENIOR GIRLS - Rebecca Craig (Newcastle), Erika Enderby (Newcastle), Eszter Kocsik (GO), Maggie Mackay (Uringa) and Abigail McGhee (Bennelong)

In 2023 the Aust All Schools was held in Western Australia please see the following link for donations to help the team get to WA in Sept/Oct.

A donation to this project is tax deductible. 


In 2022, NSW defended the school's trophy it won in 2019 (which was the first time since 2002)!

You can read the report on the 2022 team here.

Each year the NSW team stays together for the week and also stays with the squads from other states. All the teams race hard all week but also enjoy some social time and recreation.

The NSW Schools team comprises up to six runners in each of four classes, to a maximum of 20 team members as follows:

1. Junior girls (W15) - girls aged 15 and under;

2. Senior girls (W16+) - girls aged 16 or older;

3. Junior boys (M15) - boys aged 15 and under; and

4. Senior boys (M16+) - boys aged 16 and older.

2022 Team

Selection races for the 2022 NSW Schools Team were the Armidale State League weekend (April 9-10) and the QB III weekend in Wagga (June 11-13). Rob Bennett, Toby Wilson and Michele Dawson are the selectors. The Australian All Schools Orienteering Championships comprises two days of individual racing and one day of relays. The racing is a highlight on the Australian Orienteering calendar and the relays particularly are always fantastic for spectators.

The 2022 team is:

Junior Girls: Rebecca Craig (NC), Lilja Lehtonen (GO), Maggie Mackay (UR) and Savanna Sweeney (WH)
Junior Boys: Lachlan Coady (WH), Alton Freeman (BF), Curtis Pepper (BN), Rory Sheddon (SH) and Alex Woolford (BB)
Senior Girls: Erika Enderby (NC), Mikayla Enderby (NC), Eszter Kocsik (GO) and Nea Shingler (BF)
Senior Boys: Alvin Craig (NC), Oliver Freeman (BF), Cooper Horley (GO), Oskar Mella (NC), Jamie Woolford (BB) and Sam Woolford (BB)

Sadly, the 2020 and 2021 titles were cancelled due to the covid outbreaks in several states.

You can read the report on the 2021 team here.

The 2021 virtual team was: Junior Girls: Rebecca Craig (NC), Erika Enderby (NC), Lilja Lehtonen (GO), Maggie Mackay (UR), Lyra Simpson (BF), Savanna Sweeney (WH) Senior Girls (16+): Julia Barbour (BF), Louise Barbour (BF), Mikayla Enderby (NC), Nea Shingler (BF) Junior Boys: Lachlan Coady (WH), Cooper Horley (GO), Will Kay (WH), Alex Woolford (BB) Senior Boys (16+): Oliver Freeman (BF), Clyde McGhee (BN), Oskar Mella (NC), Jamie Woolford (BB), Sam Woolford (BB), Oscar Woolford (BB)

Our junior reps have generated press coverage in the Newcastle Star and St George Leader.

Highlights of the NSW Australian All Schools team in action in 2012

The squad has enjoyed much success over the years and has generated many of the country's elite orienteers.

Orienteering NSW thanks the Carbine Club for its generous annual donation that helps subsidise the cost for team members' families.

Last updated: 28th July 2023.