Coming Events

Fri 1 Oct 8:00 am
Newcastle October-November Street Events
Sun 3 Oct 10:00 am
Waggaroos Local

Wed 6 Oct 6:00 am
Newcastle Map Ride Event 1 Jesmond Park

Wed 6 Oct 7:00 am
Newcastle Map Ride Event 2 Myall Road

Sun 10 Oct 10:00 am
NTOC - Kooringle
Bundarra Road, west of Armidale
Sat 16 Oct 9:30 am
SOS Term 4 Event 1

Sun 17 Oct 10:00 am
Interclub #6 - Waggaroos (New Date)
Sat 23 Oct 9:30 am
SOS Term 4 Event 2

Sat 23 Oct 11:30 am
NSW State League #8 (New date)
Mackillop College, Lochinvar Pl, Port Macquarie.

Sun 24 Oct 9:30 am
NSW State League #9 (New Date)
Broken Bago State Forest, Tallowwood Ave, Wauchope.

Welcome to Orienteering NSW

Orienteering is a sport that challenges both the body and the mind. It's also loads of fun!

The aim is to use a special orienteering map to navigate your way around a course and visit marked check points along the way. You choose a course that suits your age and experience and proceed at your own pace: walk, jog or run. It is a race but you decide if you want to just race yourself or be the next world champion! The course may take you through urban areas, parks, schools, farmland or forests.

Events are conducted weekly across NSW and beginners are welcome at all events.

New to orienteering? Click here for more information.

Want to enter an event? You can see what's on by looking at the Coming Events at left or by going to the Event Calendar. Some events are enter on the day - you just turn up and register at the start. Other events require pre-entry and for that you need to know about (and register with) Eventor - read the Eventor FAQ.

Lockdown = MapRun time!

Looking for some exercise in lockdown?

Thanks to our Bennelong, Garingal and Illawarra Kareelah clubs there are now more orienteering courses you can do on the free MapRunF app while isolating.

Bennelong have new courses at Gordon (three line courses and a score) and Seaforth (three line courses and a score), Garingal at Artarmon (score) and IKO at Kiama (line).

Please observe all current covid protocols (stay inside your local government area or <10km from home).

A big thank you to the club members who have devised these courses.


Further COVID update

Sadly the Public Health Order restrictions for our members in Greater Sydney, including the Central Coast, Wollongong, Shellharbour and the Blue Mountains have been increased and extended as the current outbreak expands. Those in regional areas still have additional requirements in regards to facemasks and the one person per 4 square metres.

As a result unfortunately there are no organised events for our members this coming weekend, even for those in regional areas due to the postponement of State League 8 & 9 at Port Macquarie.

The recent increase in restrictions for Greater Sydney now mean you can only exercise with one other person not from your household and this exercise must be done within your Local Government Area (LGA) or within 10km of your residence which you can confirm using this handy website. This applies to the Permanent and MapRun locations listed below.


2021 Sydney West and South West Schools Championships

We were lucky to be able to conduct the Western and South Western Schools Championships recently before the lockdown and wet weather!

These events are a great opportunity to showcase orienteering to students and teachers.  The students enjoy an authentic orienteering experience and, as one primary teacher coordinator pointed out, absolutely love the day.  She was quick to point out the smiles from self-satisfaction the children had when they completed their course plus how many were lining up to complete a second course (some even third courses) on day 2 of the primary event at the Western events. In addition these events are an invaluable feeder/introduction for the growth of our sport. As examples, Jackson and Chelsea pictured figured in the places in their respective age groups at this event and also now participate in ONSW club events.

Sydney West Championships

Held over three days (16-18 June) on the WHO map at Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill with courses set by Ted Mulherin and organised by Barbara Hill.

Sydney West Primary School

With over 425 students from 9 schools there was a lot of orienteering activity over the 2 days! Each day started with a map walk led by volunteers from the Orienteering community for the students to gain some knowledge around key orienteering concepts such as; where is north, the difference between orange, white and green, where are we and what are we looking for?

After lunch the individual events were conducted in age/class groups and once that was complete the relays were set up and conducted with lots of excitement as each team member waited and looked anxiously for their previous runner to tag and then race off themselves.

The results were : 1st - North Rocks Public School, 2nd - Kellyville Ridge Public School and 3rd - Schofields Public School

Sydney West High School

On Friday the 18th June it was then the turn of the High Schools to run on a more extended set of courses at the same map and we had over 130 students from 5 different high schools following the same format with map walk, then individual and then relays.

The results were : 1st - Rouse Hill High School, Equal 2nd/3rd - Richmond High School and The Ponds High School

We could not have introduced over 550 students to orienteering without substantial support from our volunteers. Particular thanks to Barbara Hill, Ted Mulherin, Ian Miller, Elizabeth Bulman, Ken Strupitis-Haddrick and Robert Newman who attended on all three days! In addition thank you to John Bulman, Barry Pearce, Michael Halmy, Janet Morris, James McQuillan, Karen Langan, Ken Jacobson, Ron Junghans, Barbara Junghans, Sylvie Valais, Julian Ledger, Joshua Braidwood, Robyn Pallas, Hugh Gingell and David Bray who all also attended at some point over the 3 days to enable the various events to be conducted.

Sydney South West Championships

Sydney South West Secondary Schools Championships - 16th June

Run on SHOO map ‘Lake Alexandra’ Mittagong. This is a great map for such an event as it has a beautiful lakeside assembly area and plunges down into bushland with cliffs, creeks and many tracks. A lot of the students were doing their Duke of Ed training and we had 95 students from 4 local high schools attending.

The results were : 1st - Hurlstone Agricultural High School, 2nd - Chevalier College and 3rd Elderslie High School

Volunteers on the day were : Organiser - Lyn Malmgron, Setter - Sandra Stewart, SI and data entry - Garry Stewart, Coaches- Ron Pallas, Stephan Wagner and Lyn Malmgron.


Sydney South West Primary Schools Championships - 23rd June

Run on SHOO map ‘Camden Bicentennial Park’. This map is of an equestrian park including jumps, creeks, fences and thick vegetation. It is comfortable for primary school children many of whom have never orienteered before and we had 135 students from 5 schools attending.

The results were : 1st - Mawarra Public School, 2nd - Camden South Public School and 3rd Bringelly Public School

A great example on how the sport is growing in south west Sydney is that Mawarra, Camden South, Camden and Bringelly Public Schools have also recently hosted SOS events

Volunteers on the day were : Organiser - Sandra Stewart, Setter - Lyn Malmgron, SI and data entry - Garry Stewart and Ron Pallas, Coaches & helpers - Mel Christie, Dave Lotty, Barb Dawson, Johnny Petersen, Ben Cummins, Martin Cronin, Ruth Shedden, Rory Shedden, Euan Shedden, Kristie Carrol, Val and John Hodsdon.



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