Australian Champion Club

The Australian Champion Club Trophy is awarded to the best performed club at the Long Distance Event at the annual Australian 3-Days carnival, usually held at Easter.

Points shall be allocated in all classes as follows:

  Elite and A classes A short classes B classes
1st 5 points  4 points 3 points
2nd 4 points 3 points 2 points
3rd 3 points 2 points  1 point
4th 2 points    
5th 1 point    


The trophy was donated by the ACT in 1984. Initially it was based on results in the Australian Relay Championships, which were at that time for club-based teams. In 1997 Relays were changed to state-based teams and the Australian Long Distance Championships became the basis for determining the trophy. In 2000 the competition was transferred to the Australian 3-Days.  

Previous winners: 

Year Winner Best NSW club Placing
2022 Red Roos (ACT)    
2021 Australopers (Tas) Newcastle 5th
2020 No Competition    
2019 Australopers (Tas) Big Foot 2nd
2018 Newcastle Orienteers Newcastle  1st
2017 Newcastle Orienteers Newcastle 1st
2016 Bushflyers (ACT) Newcastle 3rd
2015 Melbourne Forest Racers (Vic)     
2014 Big Foot     
2013 Melbourne Forest Racers (Vic)     
2012 Ugly Gully (Qld)     
2011 Garingal     
2010 Bushflyers (ACT)    
2009 Australopers (Tas)     
2008 Ugly Gully (Qld)     
2007 Australopers (Tas)     
2006 Tintookies (SA)     
2005 Red Roos (ACT)     
2004 Red Roos (ACT)     
2003 LOST (WA)     
2002 Yarra Valley (Vic)    
2001 Red Roos (ACT)     
2000 Red Roos (ACT)     
1999 Nillumbik (Vic)    
1998 Wollundigong (WA)    
1997 Red Roos (ACT)     
1996 Tintookies (SA)    
1995 Yarra Valley (Vic)     
1994 Tintookies (SA)    
1993 Red Roos (ACT)     
1992 Red Roos (ACT)     
1991 Enoggera/Ugly Gully (Qld)     
1990 Tintookies (SA) Big Foot eq 5th
1989 Garingal     
1988 Bibbulmun (WA)    
1987 Red Roos (ACT)     
1986 Red Roos (ACT)     
1985 Red Roos (ACT)     
1984 Red Roos (ACT)