WOC Representatives

World championships were conducted every two years from 1966-2001. From 2003 they have been held annually. Australia hosted the 1985 event at Bendigo.

The best performances by ONSW members at "WOC" are:

Long - 17th Grant Bluett 2001

Middle - 13th Tracy Bluett 2005

Sprint - 8th Grant Bluett 2003

ONSW athletes have represented Australia at "WOC" as follows: 

Name Club Year(s)   Name Club Year(s)
Michael Billinghurst Big Foot 1989   Tracy Bluett  Bennelong Northside  1995-99, 2001, 2005 
Josh Blatchford Newcastle 2013   Jenny Bourne Waggaroos 1981-87
Grant Bluett Bennelong Northside  1993-2005   Felicity Brown Central Coast 2013-14
Stephen Craig KNOX 1993, 1997, 1999   Margaret Elcombe IKO 1976, 1978-79
Mark Darvodelsky Big Foot 1995   Mary Fien Big Foot 1995
Jock Davis Big Foot 1989-93, 1997   Georgina Macken Waggaroos 1993
Julian Dent Central Coast 2005, 2007-15   Toy Martin    Garingal  1974-76
Rod Dominish Bennelong 1972   Nea Shingler  Big Foot 2022
Terry Farrell Newcastle 1979-89   Ljubov Simson  Newcastle  1991-93 
Alastair George Big Foot 2022   Emily Sorensen Big Foot 2022
Dave Lotty Uringa 1974        
Eric Morris Bennelong Northside 2006        
John Oliver Waggaroos 1974-78         
Rob Preston Newcastle 2011        
Ewan Shingler Big Foot 2022        
Rob Vincent Newcastle 1983-87        
Chris Wilmott Uringa 1976        


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Mountain Bike Orienteering

World championships have been held annually since 2002. Australia hosted the 2004 event at Ballarat.

The best performances by ONSW members at "MTBO WOC" are:

Long - 13th Mary Fien 2004

Middle - 16th Melanie Simpson 2008

Sprint - 28th Melanie Simpson 2010

ONSW athletes have represented Australia at MTBO world championships as follows: 

Name Club Year(s)   Name Club Year(s)
Glen Charlton Newcastle 2017-18   Cath Chalmers Big Foot 2008 
Anthony Darr Mountain Devils 2004-05    Mary Fien Mountain Devils  2004-05, 2010 
Paul Darvodelsky Mountain Devils 2006-08     Melanie Simpson Newcastle  2008, 2011-12
Tim Doman  Newcastle  2019        



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