President's Award

Orienteering NSW Awards Handbook ver 2024 Feb

Awarded by the president of ONSW, this trophy recognises a member or members who have made an outstanding contribution to the furtherance of orienteering in NSW. 

2023 Jenny and Damien Enderby Newcastle
2022 ONSW 2022 Junior Development Team Various
2021 Helen O'Callaghan Bush n Beach
2020 Carol Jacobson Garingal
2019 Greg Bacon Newcastle
2018 Andrew Lumsden Big Foot
2017 Ron and Barbara Junghans Garingal
2016 Rob Vincent  Newcastle
2015 Paul Prudhoe Central Coast
2014 Carolyn and Russell Rigby Newcastle
2013 David Stitt Garingal
2012 Margaret Jones Uringa
2011 Barbara Hill Garingal
2010 Karen and Russell Blatchford Newcastle
2009 Nick Dent Central Coast
2008 Barbara Hill and Lyn Malmgron Garingal / SHOO
2007 Ron Pallas Uringa
2006 Ted Mulherin WHO
2005 Alex Davey Waggaroos
2004 Mike Weller Garingal
2003 Denis Lyons Newcastle
2002 Dick Ogilvie Uringa
2001 Peter Newton Newcastle
2000 Terry Bluett Bennelong Northside
1999 Sue Davis SHOO
1998 The Dent family Central Coast
1997 Robyn Pallas Central Coast
1996 Ross Barr Garingal
1995 Dave Lotty Uringa
1994 Frank Assenza Bennelong Northside