Course Setter of the Year

The annual Course Setter of the Year Award (the Graeme Mitchell Trophy) is awarded on the basis of competitor voting via an online survey.

For each State League or national event set by an ONSW member, a separate online survey will be made available on this page and all competitors will be able to undertake the survey. Surveys will remain open for a restricted time after each event, after which they will be closed and results collated.

The award will be presented at the annual Orienteering NSW awards in November.

The 2024 events that count to the trophy are: 

# Date Map Event Format  Setter Survey
1 Mar 16 Roseberg State Forest Middle Sheralee Bailey (BN)


2 Mar 17 Ophir South Long Nick Wilmott & Anna Dowling (GS) Closed
4 Apr 14 Snow Hills Long Hamish Mackie (BF) Closed
5 Jun 8 Rylstone Common Short Melissa Joseph (GO) Open
6 Jun 9 Dungaree State Forest Long Toni Bachvarova (GO) Open
7 Jun 10 Breakfast Creek Middle Arpad Kocsik (GO)


8 Jun 29 Wollongong Uni NSW Sprint Champs David Green (IKO) Closed
9 Jun 30 Kentlyn Long Stephan Wagner (SHOO) Closed
10 Jul 20  Kitchener  Middle Denis Lyons (NC) Closed
11 Jul 21 Quorrobolong Long Jim Lee (NC) Closed 
12 Aug 17 NSW School Champs -Howson Oval, Turramurra. Middle  Alastair George (Big Foot) Closed 
13 Aug 18 NSW School Champs - Macquarie University Sprints  Matthew Hill (Newcastle) Closed 
16 Sep 7 Clandulla State Forest NSW Middle Champs Eric Morris (Bennelong) Closed 
17 Sep 8 Clandulla State Forest NSW Long Champs Ant Nolan (Uringa) Closed


Updated 9th June, 2024.

Previous Winners of the Graeme Mitchell Trophy
Year Course Setter Club
2023 Oskar Mella  NC
2022 Terry Bluett BN
2021 Anna Fitzgerald  GS
2020 not awarded  
2019 Alastair George BF
2018 Colin Price CC
2017 Matt and Barbara Hill  BH
2016 Bruce Meder BB
2015 Ross Barr GO
2014 Josh Blatchford / Matthew Parton NC / GS
2013 Robert Bradley WH
2012 Denis Lyons NC
2011 Ross Barr GO
2010 Nick Dent CC
2009 Karen Blatchford NC
2008 Terry Bluett BN
2007 Alex Davey WR
2006 Geoff Todkill NC
2005 Michael Davis WR
2004 Lyn Malmgron SHOO
2003 Lisa Lampe UR
2002 Eric Morris BN
2001 Deborah Cox BN
2000 Nick Wilmott UR
1999 Andrew Lumsden BF
1998 Jean Baldwin GS
1997 Kevin Williams WHO